North Carolina Brunswick Island Series: Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach by Sara Kendall

Your search for an oceanfront house, nestled among the dunes is over. Back in 1958 on Sunset Beach, the boardwalk to the beach was a mere 150 feet long. Today, you have more like a 750-foot walk to the beach. Because of its unique position relative to the wave action, Sunset Beach is bucking the trend of neighboring beaches. Instead of losing ground to the ocean, Sunset Beach is actually adding to its shoreline. This natural and unique situation makes for one beautiful setting for a vacation at the beach. [Continue reading]

North Carolina Brunswick Island Series: Ocean Isle Beach

Surfing on Ocean Ise Beach by Sara Kendall

For many of us, reminiscing about childhood trips to the beach evokes visions of a sleepy beach town where sand dunes outnumber the houses. If you want to give your children this same experience, Ocean Isle Beach is the place for you. Even though … [Continue reading]

North Carolina Brunswick Islands Series: Oak Island

Oak Island Ligthhouse by Sara Kendall

Leave your family‚Äôs hectic schedule behind, come on down to Oak Island, and discover a place where a slower pace is the norm. Settle in a large beach house, a cozy cottage or a convenient condo, whatever is best for your family. Oak Island is a … [Continue reading]

National Gingerbread Competition at Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC

Grove Park Inn by Sara Kendall

Beautifully situated on Sunset Mountain in Asheville, The Grove Park Inn is a fabulous destination to experience, especially during the Christmas season. Christmas is here in every imaginable way, especially since this historic inn is hosting its … [Continue reading]