Discover Jamestown Settlement in Virginia

Colonist Fort Jamestown by Sara Kendall

Walk in the steps of Captain John Smith and Pocahontas by exploring America’s first permanent English colony, Jamestown Settlement. Near the actual site of our original colony, your family will be transported back to the first days of America in 17th century Virginia. The excitement will build as you learn about the early days of our great nation. History comes alive through film, gallery exhibits, and outdoor living history. [Continue reading]

Williamsburg, Virginia: Where Education Meets Fun

Drum and Fife Colonial Williamsburg by Sara Kendall

Yearning for a family vacation where education and fun can be experienced at this same locale? Colonial Williamsburg is the perfect place for a family to learn a bit of history while away from home. Your family is bound to have tons of fun stepping … [Continue reading]

North Carolina Brunswick Island Series: Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach by Sara Kendall

Your search for an oceanfront house, nestled among the dunes is over. Back in 1958 on Sunset Beach, the boardwalk to the beach was a mere 150 feet long. Today, you have more like a 750-foot walk to the beach. Because of its unique position relative … [Continue reading]

North Carolina Brunswick Island Series: Ocean Isle Beach

Surfing on Ocean Ise Beach by Sara Kendall

For many of us, reminiscing about childhood trips to the beach evokes visions of a sleepy beach town where sand dunes outnumber the houses. If you want to give your children this same experience, Ocean Isle Beach is the place for you. Even though … [Continue reading]