When traveling by air, your carry-on is for those most important, can’t live without items. Your checked bag is where you pack things you can easily buy if it is lost in transit.

Suggestions for your carry-on bag to reduce hair-pulling moments

  • Do pack your important documents. Many of us have all our travel documents stored on our phone. To be on the safe side, have a hard copy of your flight information, hotel reservations, transportation confirmations, and entertainment tickets tucked into your carry-on bag.
  • Do pack your daily medications in their original containers not in pill organizers. Avoid the hassle of potentially having to fill a prescription in a foreign country.
  • Do pack all your valuables including your cameras, computers, and any luxury items like jewelry and watches.
  • Do pack electronics chargers. If you are dragging along your computer, keep those chargers close by as well. Travel delays could drain the power from your electronics plus your digital devices will keep you entertained if delays occur.
  • Do pack a snack. You don’t want to get hangry!
  • Do pack a lightweight jacket. By design, airplanes can be notoriously chilly, so be ready.
  • Do pack an empty refillable water bottle to avoid paying inflated airport prices for bottled water. You can just fill up at a water fountain.
  • Do pack disinfecting wipes to clean tray tables – one of the filthiest places on a plane. While you are at it, wipe down the armrest.

Our list will help you get better prepared on your next flight.

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