I love to travel to see the world  – which may sound cliched but I love immersing myself in one city for a few days to see the sites and watch the locals.  I have learned to appreciate different cultures and have learned so much about myself at the same time.

How often do you travel

For the last 4 years, I traveled almost every week for work and about 2 times per year for pleasure.  I recently changed jobs and my new role requires minimal travel.  My new normal is mostly for pleasure, about 2-3 times per year.

My travels have taken me to Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice, Cuba, Barcelona, Manila, Hong Kong, Germany, Amsterdam, Prague, Israel, and a safari in Serengeti.

Best travel tip 

Keep calm and just go with it.  There are things you can influence and the friendly skies are just not one of them. 

Best tip on using travel points 

Use the airline points for upgrades when I do my personal travel abroad.  Most of the time we are boxed in like sardines, but when I travel for me, I want to enjoy the 8+hours on a flight.

Earliest travel memory 

My first plane ride was with my best friend when we were 16 and flew from New Jersey to California to visit her sister. 

Best vacation ever

 My trip to Rome – it was the first time travelling solo and it was scary and freeing at the same time.  I learned that although you may get lost, you will always find your way.

Favorite American city

This is a tough one – it is a tie between Charleston, SC and New York City.  I went to college in South Carolina and fell in love with the history of Charleston but I also grew up with NYC skyline in my backyard and there is nothing else that still takes my breathe away.

Favorite international city

Rome – the sights, the food and the wine!

Favorite beach or island

Cuba – it was such an experience and it is best described as raw beauty in my eyes.

How many countries have you been to


How many continents have you been to

4 of 7

What do you least like about travel

The hurry up and wait – you need to get to the airport 2 hours before to sit and wait!

One place you are still dreaming of going to

Can I pick 2 – to visit the Galapagos Islands and see the penguins in Antarctica

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