Glenn Mauney


For most of the past 15 years, my work has required at least 20% travel. For the past three years, I’ve traveled 50% plus of the time for work. Add to this a family who loves to travel and I’m on the road 60% plus a year.

How often do you travel

15 to 20 days per month

Best travel tip

Roll with the unexpected. Things happen that are beyond anyone’s control. Don’t get stuck in your expectations when they aren’t mirrored by reality.

Best air travel tip

Time. Whenever possible, plan extra time to get through security, check your bag, etc. Like I said with the first question, things happen, so set yourself up to deal with them.

Best hotel tip

Use their app. There are often some nice benefits like choosing your room, checking in online, and using your phone as your room key. These will let you walk right past that school group who arrived just minutes before you.

Best tip on using travel points

Use them. Don’t let them sit idle. You’ve earned them after all. Also, over time the hotels will increase the points needed per room, diminishing the value of the points.

Earliest travel memory

Road-tripping with my dad and granddad when I was six years old

Best vacation ever

Road-tripping with my family

Favorite American city

Hard to choose, but Charleston, SC is at least top three, if not number 1

Favorite beach or island

International would be Santorini, Greece. In the US is Lana’i

How many US states have you been to


How many countries have you been to


How many continents have you been to


Best travel moment

Watching my daughters’ amazement as they experience new places, people, food, etc. There’s nothing that compares to it.

One place you are still dreaming of going to


Favorite reason to travel

The experience and learning new things

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