State Parks


Cruising along a quiet road on Kauai’s west side, I’m offered a glimpse into the Hawaiian countryside. Filling my view are green rolling hills, cows grazing, and papaya fields. Sparsely developed, this is what I imagine more of Hawaii used to look like before its booming tourist industry kicked in. It pleases me to see there is a quieter side to this island paradise.

Rising over 1,600’ in Gaston County sits a beautiful mountain offering plenty of outdoor activities. Hop on a hiking trail, fish or canoe on a scenic lake, and discover plenty of stunning vistas. For a more extreme adventure, go rock climbing or camping inside this state park. Whatever suits your interest, Crowders Mountain is worthy of your time spent among a beautiful piece of preserved land.

With a chill in the air, it’s quite natural to think about a drive to the mountains. Grandfather Mountain is a favorite fall destination for families. Viewing natural beauty with your every turn, watching animals in their natural habitats and walking across the Mile High Swinging Bridge are just a few enticing reasons to visit this beautiful mountain. If your schedule is clear for Saturday, September 7, your kids can be a part of the 10th Annual Kidsfest.