New Orleans food scene is so incredible you won’t find anything like it anywhere else. At the center of this culinary magnificence are the famous cuisines of the region’s Cajun and Creole people. There is a difference between these two styles. Simply put, Cajun is country food and Creole is city food. These distinctive cuisines are found on menus throughout New Orleans. For some of New Orleans’ best flavors, on your next visit, try one or all five of these highly sought after places to dine.

When your taxi lets you out in front of a row of unassuming buildings, don’t let the exterior appearance fool you. Once Audubon Cottages‘s private entrance door opens, you are immediately swept into an entirely different world. The French Quarter’s bustling streets quickly fade from your thoughts. A sense of calm takes over you as you walk along a tree-lined pathway deeper into this beautiful haven.