good souls


The catamaran drifts gently away from the pier as a soothing ukulele player begins to play. The beautiful sound sets a magical tone for our Lana’i sunset cruise. The Hawaiian music continues as the sails are raised. After our ukulele player finishes a few songs, he stops by to say aloha and I Immediately sense his good nature and willingness to share his story.

After quickly unpacking and nothing on my agenda for a couple of hours, I found I needed to recover from my three-hour flight. So, I relaxed in my really sweet one-bedroom suite and reached for my phone for a bit of social media surfing. But it was nowhere to be found. Cue the panic!

The wave’s gentle whisper and its beautiful turquoise color stop me in my tracks. Standing on the oceanfront walkway, I easily block out the rest of the world. It took more than a few minutes before I noticed the presence of another person. The ocean’s spell is broken as I look to my right and find the sharpest dressed security man I have ever seen. His courteous stance and warm smile tell me he also enjoys the view.