Rising over 1,600’ in Gaston County sits a beautiful mountain offering plenty of outdoor activities. Hop on a hiking trail, fish or canoe on a scenic lake, and discover plenty of stunning vistas. For a more extreme adventure, go rock climbing or camping inside this state park. Whatever suits your interest, Crowders Mountain is worthy of your time spent among a beautiful piece of preserved land.

With so much of our day spent following a routine and using some sort of technology, unstructured time outside can provide some balance. A family camping trip where you can breath in the fresh air, spy on some wildlife, and sleep under a starry sky is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the simplicity of nature while giving your family a great bonding experience. Immerse yourself and your family in the whole camping experience for a relaxing and fun adventure that you can find not too far from home.

In Uptown Charlotte, families can get creative at Mint Museum Uptown on Sunday Fun Days. The museum opens its doors to encourage families to participate in family-friendly art projects, view artist demos, and join in a kid-friendly yoga session. So load up the kids and head uptown for an entertaining day filled with creativity while opening your child’s eyes to how much fun going to a museum can be.