If you’re in need of white sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters, The Bahamas is for you. This Caribbean archipelago is a mix of natural beauty, island culture, and crave-worthy cuisine making it the ideal spot for your next getaway. A quick two-hour flight makes getting to Nassau and Paradise Island easier than you may think. So, ditch the stress of everyday life and head to the islands, the pleasures of the Bahamas await you.

As my eyes land on the high masonry wall, covered with cascading pink flowers, I spy a colorful estate standing tall behind it. I immediately realize I have arrived at someplace special. Climbing the stairs into Graycliff Hotel‘s main lobby, I quickly feel as if I’m at someone’s home and not a hotel. Old style Nassau is seen, heard, and felt everywhere I look – old world elegance is found in the dark wood furnishings, a jazz singer playing the piano, and a cigar maker rolling the perfect cigars for those want to puff the night away.