Known as Saint Martin on the French side and Sint Maarten on the Dutch side, a mix of people and cultures with a European influence merge with Caribbean flavor here. How it became divided remains obscured in legend. But today, as you drive this scenic island, there’s no need for your passport, because, if you notice at all, only flags and monuments mark the border. And, in case you’re wondering, a phone call from one side to the other is an international call.

Happy Local Kids sint maarten

Happy local kids

My family and I chose this Caribbean paradise and could not have done better. We stayed on the Dutch side, but crisscrossed both countries during our stay. In addition to lounging by the turquoise sea at our resort, we found plenty to do, these are our favorites.

Captain Alan’s Three Island Snorkeling AdventureCapt Alan's  boat st martin

Heading out on a Captain Alan boat

We wanted a high-speed boat ride and a chance to snorkel with sea turtles, so we chose Captain Alan. The operation is well organized, yet laid-back, making everyone feel comfortable and at ease. After getting fitted for flippers on the dock, we were greeted by Captain Alan. After his friendly overview, everyone was divided among the boats.

For our first stop, we anchored just off, Tintamar Island to snorkel with sea turtles. We spotted seven of these graceful creatures grazing on grass beds and swimming to the surface for air every few minutes. Our daughters screamed in delight through their snorkel with every turtle they saw – the best screams I ever heard!

After our swim with the turtles, we were able to walk the beach of Tintamar. Strolling around for a half hour gave us a chance to take in some of this quite breathtaking, uninhabited island.

Tintamar-Island, St martin

Coming ashore on Tintamar

Next up, an effortless snorkel drift along Green Key Island was relaxing yet visually stimulating. Gently pushed by the ocean waves, we floated past a well-developed reef filled with sea urchins, tropical fish, coral, and sea fans. The boat followed along, picking us up at the end of the island.

Last stop was Pinel Island. We started off by taking in the beautiful views while sitting on the boat and having lunch. An interesting combination of a salami, cheese, and apple, on French bread was the provided lunch. We washed this down with our choice from a cooler full of Carib Beer, soft drinks, and water.

After lunch, we waded ashore through the clear, shallow waters to get to the island. Pinel is a small, uninhabited island, but boasts two restaurants, where you can enjoy a yummy frozen rum drink, browse the gift shop, or just plop down on a beautiful Caribbean beach.

Pinel-Island-by-St martin

For our stop at Pinel, snorkeling was not the main objective for Pinel Island. We were content just hanging out on this beautiful slice of paradise. We liked Pinel Island so much we went back on our own another day!

Captain Alan’s Adventure was a highlight of our trip and we all agree it was our best adventure on this vacation!

Getting An Adrenaline Rush at Maho Beach

Maho beach st martin

Maho Beach is a small, but busy beach at the end of Princess Juliana International Airport runway. It is where adrenaline junkies stand under incoming airplanes. With its popularity, parking can be a challenge. Ignoring the warning signs like most people do, my husband and daughters headed straight under the oncoming path of landing jets. Being the photographer in the family, I made my way to a good vantage point to capture the incoming flights. However, my husband, who loves this kind of stuff, stood with the crowd, right below the path of the landing jets. This is his take:

The beach is less than 40 feet from the end of the runway and when the jets pass, they are right overhead. It’s over in a few seconds, but the experience is like nothing else. Not only is it loud, you feel the engines’ roar throughout your body. You are so close that you’ll experience the difference in pressure created by the speeding aircraft.

If you want to stay clear of the roaring engines and jet-blown sand, find yourself a seat at the Sunset Beach Bar and Grill or rent a beach chair in front of this restaurant. They have a surfboard listing flight times, so you will be ready for all the action.

Maho-Beach-Surfboard-st martin

Discovering Marigot

Marigot, the French capital, is another must-visit destination. It has a beautiful waterfront where we checked out the vibrant open-air market filled with vendors selling t-shirts, clothing, local handicrafts, and spices. Better bring your best haggling skills, because they don’t expect you to take their first price!

Waterfront market Marigot st martin

If you are looking for something high-end, Marigot has plenty of French-inspired boutiques just up the hill from the market. You’ll find a nice combination of designer clothing and other specialty shops featuring French wines and cheeses.

Lunch at Le Tropicana in Marigot

While we enjoyed all of our meals here, Le Tropicana is something special. The wonderful lunch was by far our absolute favorite meal on the island! This harbor-front restaurant is a little hard to find, weaving through the alleys and past a graveyard, but so worth the effort. Its location on the gorgeous marina is the perfect setting.

Marigot-Marina-by-St martin

This bistro dishes out the finest in French cuisine, served by fabulous staff in a lively atmosphere overlooking the harbor. For me, their unbelievable entrée sauces reign. Desserts are full of multiple layers of yumminess. And don’t pass up the complimentary homemade banana rum shot to top off your meal.

Tropicana-marigot st martin

I found Le Tropicana on, where it was ranked Number One for restaurants in Marigot. I just checked and it is still Number One! This bistro tops my family’s all-time favorite dining experience while traveling – anywhere!

Strolling Around Philipsburg

In the Dutch capital city of Philipsburg, we strolled along the premier shopping district on Front Street. Flanked by palm trees, you’ll find dozens of high-end clothing, jewelry and electronics stores. We didn’t do a lot of shopping, just browsing the beautiful shops and people watching. The many shops and lively boardwalk make this port city is a favorite stop for cruise ships.

Front-Street-in-Philipsburg-st maarten

Front Street

One street behind Front Street is Back Street where the locals shop. Here, you can pick up bargains on clothing, shoes, and beauty products while mingling with a local crowd. Don’t miss quaint Old Street, filled with shops and restaurants in 19th century houses. You’ll know you’re there when you see the antique car parked in the middle of this pedestrian-only side street.

Old-Street-in-Philipsburg-st maarten

Old Street

Guavaberry Emporium

Guavaberry-Emporium-philipsburg st maarten

On Front Street, Guavaberry Emporium is the home of the legendary island liqueur of St Maarten – still made behind the store. It’s a favorite stop for adults, especially since free tastings are offered daily. Known for their rum, a variety of flavors such as vanilla, mango, and passion fruit just to name a few can be sampled. My husband and I enjoyed a few of their offerings and chatting with the native ladies donning colorful dresses.

Guavaberry-Rum-philisburg st maarten


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    Thank you for the informative piece on St. Martin. Me and the family will be there March 19-26. We have 2 teens..16 and 14. Any additional recommendations? Your activities look great! Thanks. Richard

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      Thanks for your kind words. This coming week, I will be posting another story on St Martin about our day on Pinel Island – another must-do! Check in out – it’s an informative piece as well. I would say my family’s top three favorite things to do here – Captain Alan’s Three Island Snorkeling Adventure, our day on Pinel Island, and eating at Tropicana! Have a fabulous time!

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