Charleston’s cobblestone streets, outstanding culinary choices, and rich history attract millions of visitors each year. For good reason, everywhere you look this city’s beauty simply shines. At times, the busy sidewalks and passageways can make you want a reprieve from the throngs of visitors. If you’re hungry, head off the beaten path towards the Copper River and grab lunch at Fleet Landing.

Main Dining Room Fleet Landing by Sara Kendall

In this spacious restaurant, oversized windows offer up unobstructed views of the Charleston harbor – breathing room from the city’s bustling streets. An outside deck surrounds the restaurant giving patrons a chance to appreciate the sights and sounds of waterways while having some great food. When we visited, it was the perfect temperature to sit outside and our choice did not disappoint.

For starters, we had the Fried Green Tomato Stack – layers of tarragon crab salad and fried green tomatoes with creamy shellfish sauce. It was a perfect balance of crunchy and savory. Our server could have just kept bringing us plates of this wonderful appetizer.

Fried Green Tomato Stack Fleet Landing by Sara Kendall

The Golden Fried Shrimp Po-Boy was tasty – in spite of the bread. The fried shrimp on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes and asiago blue cheese dressing was served on plain, white bread, which I am not a fan. Too often white bread lacks flavor and nutrition. The sandwich was great, but this is a missed opportunity to add another dimension of flavor to this Po-Boy by not using a multi-grain or specialty bread.

The perfectly seasoned and cooked shrimp had a nice crunch, and were not overly oily. The flavor combination of shrimp, lettuce, tomatoes, and asiago blue cheese dressing was right on. I just skipped most of the bread. The tomato and cucumber salad was a refreshing side. I love crisp vegetables bathed in a balsamic vinegar concoction.

Shrimp Po Boy Fleet Landing by Sara Kendall

Sitting on the waterfront deck and looking at the tranquil shoreline views takes dining here to a new level. Oh yeah, throw in the good food and good service, we will be back on our next visit to Charleston.

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