Just a few blocks from the quiet and beautiful Rainbow Row, East Bay Street turns into a lively crossroad of restaurants, shops, and galleries. The activity on the street picks up quickly and you find yourself in the midst of one of the most popular restaurant rows in town. Charleston has long been known for many fabulous culinary choices. With over 700 restaurants to choose from, making a decision can be overwhelming.

For one of our lunches, we chose Blossom, a restaurant that has been around for years – a great indicator of a good place to eat. Stepping into the restaurant, the rush of the sidewalk activity immediately evaporates as you make your way through the bar into the main dining room.

The heavenly She Crab Soup is an excellent way to start a meal here. It was rich, creamy, and crabby – in a good way. I had second thoughts about posting a photograph of this delicious soup, since the sort of plain image doesn’t do it justice. So, don’t let the photo fool you. It’s full of delicious flavor, even tempting me to order a second cup.

SheCrab soup Blossom by Sara Kendall

Butter Lettuce Wraps topped with buttermilk fried shrimp, cucumber, avocados, and bell peppers arrives and it’s almost too beautiful to eat. The eye-popping presentation makes you want to sit and stare at it before devouring it. Roll up each serving, take a bite, and be amazed. Butter lettuce is a low-carb alternative to a tortilla and gives an added freshness to the wrap concept.

Butter Lettuce Wraps at Blossom by Sara Kendall

Tuscan kale atop one oversized crab cake sitting in hominy, shrimp, and tomato butter in the simply titled dish, Pan Fried Crab Cake. A very basic name for a complex presentation of many ingredients, there is obviously a talented and creative chef in the Blossom kitchen. It was visually beautiful, but what about the taste? All the flavors were delicious, but a little challenging to combine in one bite. If individual bites were the goal, then it was achieved.

Pan Fried Crab Cake at Blossom by Sara Kendall

We were more than pleased with our restaurant choice and would recommend Blossom to anyone, but it’s hard to know if we would return anytime soon. With over 700 restaurants in Charleston, why limit yourself?

Main Dining Room Blossom by Sara Kendall

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