The wave’s gentle whisper and its beautiful turquoise color stop me in my tracks. Standing on the oceanfront walkway, I easily block out the rest of the world. It took more than a few minutes before I noticed the presence of another person. The ocean’s spell is broken as I look to my right and find the sharpest dressed security man I have ever seen. His courteous stance and warm smile tell me he also enjoys the view.

We exchange holas and give a shot at a conversation, but quickly realize my limited Spanish and his broken English aren’t working. This however, doesn’t stop us from understanding our shared appreciation of the beauty before us.

I was able to learn his name is Pedro and he’s a part of the security team for the resort. Armed with a clipboard, I quickly figure out he was making his rounds checking on everyone on his team.

I sense we both wish we could communicate more. Mentally, I begin kicking myself for not knowing more Spanish. It was a missed opportunity for a deeper exchange.

Needing to continue on his appointed rounds, we part ways and we wish one another, “Have a good day!”

In this moment, I vow to myself to learn more Spanish.

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