After quickly unpacking and nothing on my agenda for a couple of hours, I found I needed to recover from my three-hour flight. So, I relaxed in my really sweet one-bedroom suite and reached for my phone for a bit of social media surfing. But it was nowhere to be found. Cue the panic!

I say out loud and in quite a huff, “Where is that damn phone?

Managing a moment of sanity, I lean back on my bed, take a couple of deep breaths, and begin mentally backtracking my last steps. “I don’t think I left it at the front desk – someone would have rung me to let me know. Did I leave it in the taxi? Oh my god, I think I did. I don’t remember having it since the taxi ride!”

I manically rummage through my bags looking for my travel documents. Luckily, I have the taxi company’s number written down. Using my room’s phone, I call Virgil’s Taxi. It took only two rings to get an answer. And, as it turns out, it was my driver, Ozzie, who also happens to be the taxi company owner! I can’t believe my luck.

After explaining the reason for my call, he said, “You were my last ride of the day. I can go check my car now. Hold on a minute.

This technology-fueled, gotta have it now world had gotten its hold on me as I impatiently wait. A single sixty-second minute turns into the longest one I have ever experienced.

A few moments later, Ozzie said, “I have your phone. You left it on the back seat.” I was elated. He reassured me he would bring it to the hotel in the morning.

And that he did.

After thanking him profusely, I gave him a very generous tip. Ozzie is now my all-time favorite taxi driver.

It’s always nice to experience people with high integrity.

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