For those mornings you’re craving a yummy breakfast with a nutritious kick, make your way to Living Kitchen in Charlotte’s historic South End. Since 2010, Living Kitchen has served homemade organic, plant-based cuisine. A few friends and I went to Living Kitchen for a very unique breakfast. That’s right, no bacon, eggs, or cheese. That’s what I call unique for a breakfast in the South.

The menu is full of specialties you’re just not going to find anywhere else. Among our choices were the Living Bagel, The Biblical Breakfast, and the Chia Breakfast Bowl. All turned out to be awesome.

The Living Bagel begins with a bagel made from almonds, flax, zucchini and rosemary. Before it makes it to your plate, it is topped with homemade cashew sour cream, tomato, onion, basil, avocado, sprouts, and jalapenos. This breakfast delivered big on both colorful presentation and layers of delicious flavors. My friend who chose this was very happy with her selection.

Living Bagel at Luna's by Sara Kendall

The Biblical Breakfast starts with peanut, almond, and coconut butter on walnut bread. This is topped with slices of cranberry and fig preserves. Drizzles of maple syrup and fresh fruit finish the plate. This breakfast is beautifully designed getting high praises from everyone for presentation. The flavors were very simple and straightforward, not complex. Since this was precisely what my friend was looking for, she found her self well satisfied.

Bibical Breakfast at Luna's by Sara Kendall

I choose the Chia Breakfast Bowl. This dish starts with a layer of chia seeds that have been soaked in homemade cashew milk. This is topped with vanilla bean, orange zest, maple syrup, and assorted fruit, and then finished with a dash of chia seeds and sprouts. If you ever want to taste heaven in a bowl, this is it! This tapioca-like dish brings a tremendous flavor punch. It was the most beautiful breakfast on our table. I would definitely order this again. It truly was a bowl of yummy goodness.

Chia Breakfast Bowl at Luna's by Sara Kendall

The Chia Breakfast Bowl is wonderful, but small on the portion size. It suits my appetite just fine, but I would recommend ordering a side of vegan breads with fig spread or nut butter for those used to a heartier breakfast.

Coffee drinkers, you will not be disappointed here. The caramel latte with homemade caramel sauce is a warm cup of sweetness and caffeine sure to please even non-coffee drinkers. Yes, it’s that good. To make it truly personal, they give you a choice of flavored milks to go with your caffeine. The coconut milk I choose adds another dimension of deliciousness to an already wonderful meal.

Carmel Latte at Luna's by Sara Kendall

Across the board, we are beyond satisfied with our breakfast. The staff carefully combines natural ingredients, creating unique culinary combinations that satisfy both your gustatory desires as well as being the most nutritional meal you’ll have all day. Unless, of course, you go back to Living Kitchen for dinner. Which is exactly what I did a few days later with my husband.

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