After having a wonderful breakfast at Living Kitchen with a group of friends, I couldn’t wait to go back for dinner with my husband. This restaurant started out in 2010 across the parking lot from their current location. Their original space only had ten tables and was pretty cramped, which meant lots of bumping elbows for the staff and customers. Thankfully, their business grew and they’re now in a roomy space to serve their hungry guests.

The talented staff masterfully craft homemade organic, plant-based culinary treats that everyone will love. My husband and I are not vegan, but we do love a great meal. This means we open up our palettes and look for a place that serves the best gastronomy has to offer. Living Kitchen is one those places.

The Appetizer

Sweet Potato Sushi, living kitchen, charlotte

We walk in the door hungry, so my husband orders the Sweet Potato Sushi Roll. For this appetizer, Luna’s wraps red peppers, cucumber, arugula, and sweet potato rice in nori leaves, adding a side of Thai chili sauce. We take our server’s recommendation to add avocado and are not disappointed. The sweet potato rice reminds us a bit of carrots, though it was our first time eating sweet potato rice. The superb homemade Thai chili sauce is an excellent compliment to the sweet crunchiness of the vegetable sushi roll.

Our Entrees

My husband orders The Living Burrito, which is a collard leaf, generously filled with a sunflower seed refried beans mixture, cauliflower rice, guacamole, pico de gallo, onion, tomato, sprouts, and cashew sour cream. A salad of mixed greens and a side of the best chipotle sauce you’ll ever have round out this entrée. Order this once and you’ll never again want for its Mexican cousin. This burrito overflows with the perfect combination of flavor and texture.

LIving Burrito, living kitchen, charlotte, nc

My Pad Thai has crisp zucchini and sweet potato noodles, tossed in almond butter Thai sauce, and then topped with bean sprouts, purple cabbage, and bell peppers and fresh cilantro. The stunning appearance of this dish has me eagerly anticipating the first bite. Thankfully, the oiliness from the typical Pad Thai dish isn’t to be found. The first bite sends a clear message – Fresh! After the first few bites, I stir everything together, blending the sauce more evenly. This really makes the flavors jump out and I find myself quite pleased with my choice.

Pad Thai. living kitchen, charlotte, nc


Because everything else was so wonderful, we can’t resist a look at the dessert menu. As a pair of unashamed chocolate lovers, we choose their Turtle Cake. Living Kitchen’s alternates caramel and chocolate-layers, on a chocolate pecan crust, garnished with raspberries and shaved dark chocolate. Each decadent bite has our taste buds singing. The talented staff has crafted an incredibly moist treat with a rich chocolate flavor. After the first bite, both of us find ourselves lost in the moment. All that matters in the world, for a few delicious minutes, is this divine dessert.

Turtle Pie, living kitchen, charlotte, nc


Food this good and fresh cannot be made with anything prepackaged. This means there are more than a few highly skilled hands involved in its preparation. You will see this reflected in the price, but no more so than other high-quality restaurants where meat, fish, and dairy are served.

Ah, so satisfying!

We come in looking for something unique and different that delivers big on flavors and we get what we want. Neither of us misses meat or dairy with this meal. Living Kitchen’s uniquely different ingredient combinations create bolds flavors that will satisfy any palate. Go see for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

living kitchen, charlotte, nc

 A table awaits your arrival!

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