On the exquisite Kiawah Island Resort, Jasmine Porch is a fabulous lowcountry restaurant serving the most incredible Sunday brunch your taste buds will ever experience. This magnificent brunch, that will stimulate all your appetites and satisfy all of your foodie desires, can be found in The Sanctuary Hotel at Kiawah Island Golf Resort. I have had the privilege to enjoy two brunches at this fabulous place and I long for a third. Dining there feels a bit like a privilege!

The chef and his team at Jasmine Porch are in the business of pleasing customers. The management staff has created a warm, inviting atmosphere where live musicians play soothing jazz as you enjoy a culinary experience worthy of a postcard sent home.Mimosa at Jasmine Porch, sanctuary hotel, kiawah

Brunch starts with an endless flow of champagne or mimosas topped with fruit. After a few sips of my mimosa, I’m on my feet making a beeline to the raw seafood bar. Under a shimmering ice sculpture, all of my seafood favorites are there, begging me to indulge.

Raw Bar at Jasmine Porch, sanctuary hotel, kiawah

A bird’s eye view of my first course shows a plate filled with raw James River oysters, poached shrimp, and seaweed salad. One word – delish!oysters and shrimp Jasmine Porch, sanctuary, kiawah island

For my second course, there’s no resisting Jasmine’s famous shrimp & grits. I do however, find room on my plate for roasted salmon with jasmine rice, honey almond quinoa waffles, and a wonderful selection of fresh fruit. This is my first time having shrimp and grits and to tell a little secret, I go back for seconds.shrimp and grits, Jasmine Porch, sanctuary, kiawah island

This gastronomic discovery has my palate singing. The recipe no doubt includes a fair amount of butter, cream, and sausage, but that’s what makes it so outstanding! Jasmine’s shrimp and grits instantly becomes one of my all-time favorite meals! Everyone in my party oohs and aahs over them – second helpings all around. The waffles and roasted salmon are exceptional as well, but the shrimp and grits take center stage.Dessert Table, Jasmine Porch, sanctuary, kiawah resort

Even after the beyond delicious main course, I find there’s at least a little more room, so I head to the dessert table. Or, more accurately, dessert tables. The selection is enough to satisfy every sweet tooth the Tooth Fairy has. Since over indulgence is a foregone conclusion, I choose four.

Pralines, Chocolate Gelee Cup topped with fruit, Flourless Chocolate Cake, and Chocolate Nut Clusters were my choices. If I had to rank them, the winning dessert is the praline.dessert plate, Jasmine Porch, sanctuary, kiawah island

Overeating is very tempting indeed at this brunch. With the great food, unparalleled service and pleasing atmosphere, I am guilty of just that. I justify it by remembering I’m on vacation, no regrets.

This Sunday brunch is truly an unforgettable meal. I add this dining experience to the top of the list of the many that I cherish.

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