When traveling to a foreign country, don’t count on everyone knowing your language. It’s very useful to learn a few common phrases you will use. Knowing how to say please and thank you will go a long way. With a deeper dive into the new language, you can better navigate your way through a conversation. You just might need to ask someone where the bathroom is located.

10 simple and common phrases to learn

  • Hello
  • Please
  • Thank You
  • Yes
  • No

  • More slowly, please
  • Sorry, I don’t understand
  • How much does it cost?
  • Bathroom
  • Goodbye

It’s a good idea to practice these with a native speaker before your travels. You can use Italki and have one-on-one lessons with native language teachers on a pay per lesson basis. Depending on how quickly you grasp a new language and how much you want to learn, the amount you spend will be up to you. At least do a lesson or two, so you will be prepared with a few new language phrases in the real world situations.

Making the effort to speak the local language, you will likely receive a better response from the locals, reduce travel mishaps, and widen your experience. 

Don’t forget to smile – it’s the universal language for all.

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