You have better things to fill your luggage with than unnecessary shoes. Make room for more of what you want by packing the only three styles of shoes you need while traveling.

Walking Shoes

Whether your travel plans include trekking around a quaint village or through a big city, pack comfortable walking shoes. Everyone has their favorite comfy style whether it’s a pair of sneakers, slip-ons, or sandals, pack ones you can easily wear all day.

Activity Shoes

Is zip lining, hiking a mountain, or hitting the beach on your agenda? Be ready for any activity with the right shoes. Don’t get sidelined on your trip, bring the necessary shoes to allow you to participate in any activity you want to do.

Dress Shoes

Of course you’re going to hit the town. Do it right with your favorite stylish shoes. Choose one pair you can wear with multiple outfits.

Pro Tip: Different shoes have different pressure points. Rotate your shoes frequently to give pressure points a break. If you are in pain and develop blisters, you will not fully enjoy your trip. Pack bandages that have a gel blister cushion, if you happen to get one of those painful sores.

Every journey needs happy feet.

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