Looking to rent a home for your next family vacation, but don’t know where to start? Then add HomeAway into your planning strategy. “HomeAway is well-suited for travelers new to the home renting category especially those traveling in groups and with families,” says Jon Gray, HomeAway Senior Vice President. I had the opportunity to speak with Jon recently, and believe his helpful insight might just guide you in booking a home rental for your next vacation.

Q. What is the basic concept of Home Away?

A. We are the world’s leading online marketplace of vacation rentals with more than one million vacation rental homes around the world. We connect people who want to travel with owners of second homes and vacation property managers.

Families tell us renting a vacation home is an amazing value and a better experience verses booking several hotel rooms. It’s hard to have family time within several hotel rooms. Many families end up just spending time together at restaurants. When you rent a home, there is a kitchen, which provides a great value and a place to be together. Many of our homes have private pools, which you’re not going to get at a hotel.

Q. Who sets the price and terms on property rentals on Home Away?

A. The owners set the price and terms on rentals. We act as matchmaker for travelers with owners and property managers.

Q. What are the advantages of using Home Away verses using a local real estate agency in the area a traveler is planning to visit?

A. Selection. We have over 400,000 properties listed with professional property managers. We offer more choices, and we work with a lot of local property managers. You can filter by property agents when searching our listings.

Overwhelmingly, we find travelers base their choice on a house not who manages it. If you prefer, you can even filter by individual owner when searching.

Q. Does Home Away verify properties that are listed on the site?

A. We have a third party review system that is similar to Yelp reviews. We recommend travelers look for listings with reviews to give them piece of mind.

Q. What happens when a property gets double-booked or a home just doesn’t exist. Can Home Away help resolve these situations?

A. We have a Carefree Rental Guarantee for $10,000 protection for fraud on listings, double booking, and property misrepresentation. With each rental, HomeAway provides a basic $1,000 protection and we also offer Damage Protection up to $5,000 starting at $49.

Our tip to travelers is to make sure you get everything is writing. Overwhelmingly, our travelers enjoy a great vacation without a hitch.

Q. If a traveler needs to cancel a reservation, can they receive a refund?

A. The owner and property managers set the terms. Using a hotel, travelers can cancel at the last minute unless they have booked a pre-paid stay. HomeAway is often in the middle range of cancellation policy terms.

Now, it’s time to start looking for your next vacation home rental, go to homeaway.com to begin browsing their selections.



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