Close your eyes and imagine a luxurious resort on a secluded, private Hawaiian island where you’re catered to, pampered, and treated special around the clock. The Four Seasons Lana’i is where this dream becomes reality. It’s a romantic destination set in a lush, tropical paradise where resort staff takes service to new heights, crafts flavorful cuisine, and understands their guest need for privacy.

After a long and somewhat tiring journey, nothing beats a warm welcome. From the moment you receive your lei greeting, during every activity, every meal, and while lounging poolside, you will enjoy a level of refined service often sought after, but rarely achieved. Even seasoned world travelers would be hard pressed to find service that matches the Four Seasons Lana’i.

The well-appointed guest rooms are beautifully designed with a wonderful combination of contemporary furnishings and Hawaiian-inspired décor. Each room is equipped with fully intuitive lighting, temperature and service controls placed strategically at several locations so they remain at your fingertips. A private lanai and spacious bathroom add to your privacy and comfort.

If you’re in search of a destination you’ll never want to leave, the Four Seasons Lana’i could very well serve that desire. Multiple pools and hot tubs expertly positioned among the lush vegetation provide you the choice of privacy among the tropical plants or wide-open Pacific Ocean views. Plentiful cozy, comfortable loungers are perfectly placed to enjoy a view of the ocean, a dip in the pool, or the beauty of the gardens. All of this in your Hawaiian paradise as well as lunch and cocktails delivered right to you.

Among the ways you can enjoy your day are an exhilarating trek off the beaten path, an evening riding the waves, a visit below the ocean waters, galloping along on terra firma, or flying high with a bird’s eye view.

A 4×4 Jeep rental will remind you of the joy of off-roading. Fasten your seatbelt to explore the remote destinations on the private island via well-worn, single lane dirt roads packed with mud-filled potholes to challenge your driving skills. Get your thrills underwater on a snorkeling cruise crewed by Lana’i born natives. On a guided horseback tour, ride on the rolling hills of upland terrain. By helicopter, guests soar above to see mountains, rain forests, and lava cliffs. A wonderful way to wrap up the day is to watch the sun melt into the horizon on a sunset cruise.

Savor the flavors of the resort in one of their nine bars and restaurants. After a long flight here, The Sports Bar & Grill is the perfect way to recharge with an upscale casual menu. Poolside, Malibu Farm features organic and local ingredients where the chef allows Hawaiian flavors to shine. For something more upscale, ONE FORTY is a guaranteed hit. From innovative starters to undeniable stars of prime beef to Hawaiian seafood entrees, dinner here will completely wow serious foodies.

Don’t be surprised when you find yourself falling in love with the Four Seasons Lana’i. The exquisite blend of Hawaii’s natural beauty, the resort’s secluded vibe, and delectable dining all wrapped into a single luxury resort, are difficult for us mere mortals to resist. The Four Seasons Lana’i is the perfect resort to create memories that will be cherished long after your return home.

All photos are courtesy of Four Seasons

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