As you pull into the driveway of this restaurant, don’t let the rustic appearance fool you. The Provision Company makes amazing seafood dishes that will have you longing to return. Add to the marvelous cuisine, a captivating Intracoastal Waterway location – and you’ll find this a perfect place to relax and enjoy an outstanding meal.

Counter Service Provisions Company, Holden Beach NC by Sara Kendall

It’s a super casual place where shorts and flip-flops are the norm. The menu is a la carte, you order at the counter, and a server will deliver your food to your table. Seating is located on a large, open-air deck with a view of the Intracoastal Waterway.

Dining Porch Provisions Company Holden Beach NC by Sara Kendall

Known for their grilled shrimp burgers, I just couldn’t resist. I skipped the bun and went for the shrimp burger salad. It was heavy on shrimp and lite on breading making it full flavored of shrimp yumminess. The shrimp patty held together well and didn’t break apart while I savored every bite.

Shrimp burger at Provisions Company Holden Beach NC by Sara Kendall

I haven’t eaten such delicious onion rings since my childhood. These perfectly cooked onion rings were crisp, crunchy, and the onion stayed intact. I hate when after only one bite of an onion ring, the whole onion comes right out. These rings didn’t have that flaw.

Make a stop here for good food, casual atmosphere, and the gorgeous views. You won’t regret finding this local treasure. I’m already planning my next stop here – in May.

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