The moment I stepped out of the taxi, I instantly fall in love with Cabo Azul Resort. A mariachi band plays lively music, a refreshing drink is handed to me, and a warm smile from my bellman greets me as I enter the enormous ornate wooden doors leading to the resort. I couldn’t have choreographed a better welcoming.

Inside the décor is appropriately Mexican – clean bright whites and rick dark woods. My guest room is outfitted with contemporary furnishings and Mexican wood art panels and headboards. Combinations of contemporary and indigenous influences are blended beautifully to please my international modern tastes. I couldn’t be more content with the design elements of this resort.

Under a cloudless blue sky, I ease onto a thick, cushy lounge chair on this seaside resort. As I listen to the gently crashing waves, I begin to soothe away a bit of travel fatigue from a long flight to Cabo San Lucas. I take lazy sips of a refreshing margarita and leisurely bites of tasty shrimp tacos. Instantly, I’m in relaxation mode as my time begins on this gorgeous beachfront resort.

I scan around to see other guests doing as little as possible on their ocean-side day beds – some are reading, others sleeping, and one couple is engaged in light, playful conversation. I get the impression that everyone is enjoying his or her chosen activity on this golden sand beach.

After my beach time, I set out to explore this beautiful resort. Stone pathways lead me past towering palm trees and dense tropical foliage. It’s as if the resort was built around the landscape. The natural design of this property creates the right place to unwind.

The beautiful, curvy infinity pool commands center stage for good reason. It’s simply spectacular. A handful of daybeds sit on the water’s edge as if they were calling my name. While they’re incredibly tempting, I don’t indulge and continue my exploration. Rows of lounge chairs and umbrellas surround the pool as the whitewashed buildings flank the outside edges of the property.

Before dusk, I set sail for the most iconic symbol of Cabo, El Arco. As we cruise leisurely down the coast, a crew member serves everyone a mimosa. The cluster of naturally formed rock formations draws my gaze. Seeing the majestic arch is an awe-inspiring moment – definitely worthy of a few photographs. As the sun aims for the horizon, a friendly crew member gives me the coziest blanket to stay warm for our sail back to the marina.

The charming historic downtown of San Jose del Cabo is the cultural center of Los Cabo. It’s a 200-year-old town filled with alfresco restaurants, art galleries, and small boutiques in old, colonial buildings. I stroll through the Arts District where I discover the most-lovely high-end galleries showcasing paintings, sculptures, and jewelry. I can’t escape without a purchase.

Back at the resort, I lounge poolside as my time draws to an end. What Cabo Azul truly understands is service. During my stay, every staff member I encountered greeted me warmly. For those of us from north of the border, most staff knows enough conversational English to have a gracious greeting with guests.

As I check out of the resort, I’m not sad I’m leaving because I truly believe someday soon I will be back. Beautiful rooms, incredible food, and welcoming people make Cabo Azul my kind of place.


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